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Book Signing

Yesterday I drove down to Titcomb's Bookshop in Sandwich, Ma. The drive to the Cape was what one would expect for the last weekend in September beautiful weather and not so beautiful traffic. I was a little early and drove by the store with its signature statue out front. It was a perfect sunny day and I was reminded again of how lovely the Cape is...not the Billion dollar houses that all somehow look the same but low roofs, and grey shingles.

Vicky met me and talked me through what to expect for my first book signing. Then it was time and it was a good time. After a life time of trying NOT to draw attention to myself I was suddenly at the center of a small discussion with some really nice, funny, intelligent people. That was topped of by the arrival of a cousin in law and an old Army buddy. Not a bad day at all!

Titcomb's takes a picture of every Author with the statue and they go up on their wall in the store. It is flattering to be in such esteemed company. If you love books and more importantly bookstores, Titcomb's is for you.

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